Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kayaking August 2012

My beautiful wife Nancy bought me my first Kayak for my 50 birthday in August. We have a quite small 150 acre lake located only a couple of miles from our house and what no better place to start my Kayak adventures during the evening sunsets. Such a peaceful and solitude feeling being out at water level in a Kayak. The lake is Lake Cassidy located in Snohomish County, Washington State
                                          Fading light view of shoreline from the Kayak. Shot
                                          with Canon G12 handheld
                                         Washington Statecloseup of one of many water lilies
                                         populating lake Cassidy in Western Washington State
                                         Shot with Canon G12 Handheld
                                          One of my paddle against the ripples of lake Cassidy
                                          Shot with Canon G12
                                          A paddle stroke against the fading light. Smoke from
                                          wildfires made for an interesting sunset. Shot with the
                                          Canon G12 handheld
                                         A soft glowing view of Lake Cassidy's shoreline. Shot
                                         with the Canon G12 handheld
                                          Final light on bow of Kayak and time to head to shore
                                          Shot with Canon G12 handheld
                                          A resident of lake Cassidy looking for dinner. Shot
                                          with Canon G12 handheld
                                         Another view of a water Lilly on Lake Cassidy. Shot
                                         with Canon G12 handheld

10-10-2012 Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham, WA

Visited one of my favorite places to shoot which is Whatcom Falls Park located in Bellingham, WA. There are several leisurely dirt trails one can wander through the tree line and following the flowing river below. The Fall colors had just begun to change and in the middle of a very long dry spell the river was running well below normal.

                                          The Bridge adjacent to the main falls, Sony Nex 7
                                          Hiking down to the rivers edge opposite side of bridge
                                          Sony Nex 7 18-55 lens on tripod with polarizer
                                          A small secondary falls looking north of the main falls                                        
                                          Shot with a very low POV. Sony Nex 7 with 18-55
                                          Another smaller falls about 1/2 mile south of the main
                                          falls. Hiked down to the rivers edge shot with a low 
                                          POV with the Sony Nex 7 18-55 Lens on tripod with

The Begining

Seems as if I'm one of the last to hold out on the concept of a blog to share my images with the social media world.
So as of 10-28-2012 I'm going to plunge into the world of blogging and try to share my world through my images