Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Little Family

So today's Blog entry is going to talk a little about our family. Those that know myself and or my beautiful wife Nancy know we do not have any kids, well we shall say the 2 legged kids, see our family consist of three of the most beautiful kids anyone could ever ask for and yes they are the 4 legged kids. Our three guys (I guess I should mention their names lol) Malcolm our male Scottie AKA Malkie, Big Man, Little Man , he is the Alpha male of the group and does a great job at it. Next is Malcolm's sister Lucy, AKA LuLu, Lula Bell, Little Girl, don't let her sweet worried innocent look fool you she is one tough little girl that bosses our 80lb husky around like there is no tomorrow.  That brings us to our last kid of the bunch our 80lb Husky Nanook, AKA Nookie, Chunky Butt, Fatty, Big Boy, he is 80lb of pure sweetness he loves to be touched and messed with. Funny thing is Nanook can not stand to be separated from his brother and sister, Malcolm and Lucy. An example if a vet visit is scheduled for Malcolm and Lucy Nanook has to go along as well, I guess you can call it separation anxiety. So that his a brief synapse of our family. I know my wife and I could not go a day without have these kids in our life they truly our such a sweet, beautiful part of our life. If you view the video at the end of the post warning turn down your speakers it gets pretty vocal LOL!!!!!!
                                                    Lucy, AKA LuLa Bell our female Scotty. Don't
                                                    let her worried look fool you she is one little
                                                    tough girl
                                         Malcolm, AKA Malkie our male Scotty and Lucy's litter mate
                                         Malcolm is the Alpha male of the family of the family
                                         Malcolm and his favorite pass time playing with the ballie. He
                                         he really does need a 12 step program when it comes to ball
                                         No matter the time of year rain or shine Malcolm has to get
                                         ball playing in
                                         Our precious Nanook as a puppy such a beautiful boy
                                         Nanook with that regal look on a Fall evening always willing
                                         to pose for the camera
                                         Nanook enjoying an early Fall evening in the backyard
                                         In color and B&W Nanook is so photogenic
                                         A summer evening pose enjoying the warm evening breeze
                                         A very close, close up of Nanook and he never gets annoyed
                                         A bored and sleepy Nanook in his favorite place on the couch
                                                      Lucy listening to me talking to her I think I'm
                                                      asking her if she wants to play in the water she
                                                      Malcolm love to play in the hose
                                                    And the taking of the 3 Nanook is such a howler
                                                    I will ask them where is Mommy (my wife) and
                                                    this is their response just priceless