Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thankful Thanksgiving 2012 Food for Thought

     Well it's the day after Thanksgiving and yes we made it through another Thanksgiving, but not without quite the drama leading up to Thanksgiving Day 2012.
Lets see where do we start, how about reverse to about a week and a half ago.
I actually consider myself pretty computer savvy, I build my own computers, make sure I have the latest antivirus software and up to last week felt pretty untouchable by hackers, who would want to hack a nobody like myself anyways, well it happened and it turned my mine and my wife's life upside down for about a week.
To make a long story short hackers were key logging one of my computers and were able to gain access to our online banking, Paypal and Ebay accounts basically trying to transfer funds between online banking accounts then transfer that money to my Paypal account they hacked so the could pay for the iPhones and computers they bought when they hacked my Ebay account.
It is a scary situation helplessly seeing money transferred between accounts and not being able to do anything about it.
Fortunately were were able to shut and close everything down before too much damage was caused still the frustration and headaches of dealing with the bank, Paypal and Ebay really wears on one.
Moving forward as of the day before Thanksgiving we were pretty much back to normal new accounts no Paypal or Ebay for awhile for us.
My wife and I have become much more cautious on the computers now as well I installed anti key logging software and run spyware malware scans 2-3 times a day.
We have changed all our passwords and no email or other account has the same password.
Lesson learned nobody is protected 100% from hackers and being hacked, my personal suggestion is to be careful and suspicious constantly if one is going to conduct online banking or deal with Paypal or Ebay.
     Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day it usually is just my wife and I and our 3 kids opps I mean doggies, it is a long drive for my wife's parents so they do not make the voyage up to us anymore for Thanksgiving.
It usually is a crisis for us cooking The Thanksgiving bird as we can have it in the oven for what seems 12 hours and it is still raw. Well being the incredible griller my wife is this year my wife decided to cook the "Bird" on the charcoal BBQ, needless to say I truly was a little nervous and worried I have 100% confidence in my wife's grilling ability and skill but still a Turkey on the BBQ.
3 hours later my wife decided the bird was done the moment of truth and what a glorious moment it was, that BBQ turkey was the most mouth watering, juicy, tender turkey I have ever tasted in my life, my wife pulled it off like no other I can't tell her enough how good not only the turkey but the whole Thanksgiving dinner was, it was beyond the bomb. So after our tummies were nice in full doggies included we thought about the last few days and what we had gone through, yes it was no fun but we have so much to be thankful for we have my wife's mom and dad in their mid 80's and in great health, my wife and I have good jobs we have our health a house and food on our table on a daily basis that I'm truly thankful for as I know it can all disappear in a moment and that we should take nothing for granite
                                         My wife's masterpiece BBQ the Turkey this year the most
                                         Mouth watering, juicy, tenderest Turkey I have ever tasted
                                         Thank you to my beautiful wife for the incredible Thanksgiving              
                                         Our big man Malcolm sits in his chair waiting for his share
                                         Of the Thanksgiving turkey dinner and boy did they all enjoy
                                         While the turkey was on the BBQ I went out and tested the
                                          Sony Nex7 and the 30mm Macro 1:1 lens I have to say I
                                          Continue to be impressed with the Nex 7 and it's lens lineup