Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Color Macros 10/28/2012

Recently acquired the Canon 100L IS f2.8 Macro lens, so decided to test it out on some local Fall colors and macro-scapes ummm is that even a word. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the lens attached to my old trusty 5D Mark II. I should note all were shot handheld and bracketed at three exposures 3EV apart.
                                          I was pleasantly surprised with the color rendering with the Canon
                                          100L IS f2.8 lens really produced vibrant colors
                                         Focus attaining was very fast and accurate with the 100L no hunting
                                         for a focus point at all no micro lens adjustment was used
                                                              The Bokeh is very pleasing to the eye
                                                              nice and creamy almost as good as the
                                                              famous Canon 135 f2 Bokeh
                                         Very little distortion or Chromatic Aberration was detected on the
                                          100L IS f2.8 Macro lens
                                                          The Lens produced some very nice patterns
                                                           textures and details in the images
                                         Really liked the comp here with the spider web
                                         detail very prominent in the image
                                         The contrasting patterns in the wood and the wet
                                         look really made the Fall leaf pop very nicely

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